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We will help you to find the most appropriate hospital, clinic, or doctor near you, and arrange, whenever possible, to pay them directly. This process will save you the time and trouble of paying for it yourself and claiming payment back from us later.

Your hospital, clinic or doctor will usually send their invoice straight to us. However, sometimes they’ll invoice you after treatment. On these occasions, simply send your invoice and claim form to us and we’ll pay them directly, less
any deductibles.

Doctor’s Appointment Form

In Case of Emergency

If you are not able to call us before treatment, such as in emergency, you may need to pay for your treatment directly, and claim your covered costs back from us. Please let us know about any emergency treatment within 48 hours.

Provide us with all original itemized bills, statements, and invoices for services and supplies. Please make certain that all documents indicate your name, date of service, diagnosis, and the itemized charges.

Apply for Reimbursement

Once you’ve paid for your treatment personally, you’ll need to claim back your covered costs. You can download the claim form below:

Our goal at Access HMO is to process your claim quickly, accurately, and efficiently. In order to achieve this, the Claim Form must be fully and accurately completed.

You can send the invoice, medical report, and claim form to us by any of the following ways:


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Our Customer Care Service will gladly answer any questions about the claims process. Please call us at +1-616-855-7680 
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.