"Cooperation with Hamilton Hudson has always been successful.

They have brought many innovations to our company and to the market as a whole"


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pojistovna VZP, a.s.

June 3th, 2019


Hamilton|Hudson was the first company to provide Foreigners’ Comprehensive Health Insurance in the Czech Republic, since 2001.



In close cooperation and full partnership with Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., we developed the first network of English speaking medical providers with an online approach to delivering Private Foreigners' Comprehensive Health Insurance.


In 2006, we launched VZPforForeigners.cz in response to the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU’s Schengen Zone and set out to meet the needs of foreigners residing in the Czech Republic who were now required to purchase local private health insurance, but were not eligible for Public VZP.




Our first objective was to get the best protection for family members of foreign employees who have relocated here with their families. Family members of work permit holders who are not eligible for public insurance may enroll in VZP Private Insurance here.




Private VZP Insurance Excludes pre-existing conditions and is pre-paid for the entire visa/coverage period in advance.


Family discounts may apply. Please refer to our Pregnancy and Maternity coverage, where a pre-existing pregnancy is covered




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+1. 616-855-7670

Fax  +1.616-855-7757
Grand Rapids, MI 49418  USA